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Looking for Cheap Flights? 8 tips to get better airfare deals.

Everyone wants to get the best flight deals every time they shop, but more often than not end up paying a much higher price (duplicate) than they intended.Could they have done something different? Airfares are dynamic, and they are liable to change daily, hourly or even at the proverbial drop of the hat.What then is the best way to ensure you get these lowest priced deals. Well here are few tips:

1. – Be flexible with your travel dates – When searching for flights always use a date range search rather than specifics whenever possible. This will help you land a lower priced ticket.

2. – Fly the cheapest days – Typically flights on weekends tend to be expensive.For both domestic and international tickets, airfares tend to be cheaper on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

3. – Shop for domestic deals on Tuesdays – Domestic airfare sales typically are filed late Monday evening so you should start looking and shopping for tickets on Tuesday mornings; this is when the maximum number of cheap seats are available to the consumers.

4 – Don’t buy airline tickets too early – Airlines don’t begin actively managing domestic fares until about three and a half months before departure. For international flights, there is a longer window.


  • Domestic flights: Start shopping no earlier than three months before departure.
  • International flights – Start shopping no earlier than about five months before departure.

5 – Don’t buy airline tickets too late – When it comes to full service carriers, airfare can rise dramatically within two weeks before departure.With budget or low-cost airlines, that window is usually 7-10 days before departure.This is the time when last minute business travelers shop and as a result, they pay more.


  • Domestic flights – Purchase tickets at least a month before departure.
  • International flights – Purchase tickets at least a month and a half before departure.

6 – Sign up for airfare alerts – By signing up for mailing lists from airlines and search engines, you’ll be able to get latest updates on special fares and discounted tickets on offer.This is important because cheap seats are limited and the quicker you learn of a deal, the better your chance of getting it.

7 – Try alternative routes – Direct flights are always in high demand, therefore are more expensive.Most often than not flying indirectly to your destination will result in a substantial reduction in the fare shelled out by you.

8 – Sign up for a ”Frequent flyer program” – Airline rewards programs are a great way to get free flight tickets as well as free upgrades, the more you fly, the more you are rewarded.

Mind these tips and the next time you shop for your flight ticket you can be the person who paid the least!

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